Product Updates: November

Highlighting product releases for November 2019

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Week of November 18th:


  • Donations can now have unique names separated from emails and user records

  • Prize picker on the giving day partner dashboard can filter groups by registration questions

Week of November 11th:


  • Cache now clears when saving custom properties for Everyday Community Giving

  • Groups for Everyday Community Giving now have expiration dates

  • Add new styling for the prize picker on the giving day partner dashboard

Days of Giving:

  • Add "Re-approval" and "Needs Review" status to groups

Week of November 4th: 


  • Separate Giving Days from Everyday Community Giving on user profiles 

  • Add ability to create Fallback campaigns on for support areas 

  • Support areas names on the partner dashboard now link to their profiles on GiveGab

  • Remove caching of taxInfos and programs for Everyday Community Giving

Days of Giving: 

  • Allow /leaders to redirect to VIP giving 

  • Matches and Challenges auto-sort by completion on the "Matches" page

  • Centrally routed days can now use the embeddable donation widget

  • Widget now closes with donation end date of the giving day

  • Updated design for the "Prizes" page 

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