How do I view the details of my monthly gift?

View every detail regarding your monthly gift right from your profile

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Step 1: Navigate to Your Profile 

Navigate to your profile by selecting the "Your Personal Dashboard” option from the "Viewing Personal Dashboard" menu at the bottom of your page. 

Step 2: Head to the Donation Section of Your Profile 

Once you're on your profile page,  select the "Manage Your Donations" button in the Donations section on the right- hand side of your profile. 

Step 3: Click the "Recurring Donations" Button

From your donations history, select the button titled "Recurring Donations". You'll be taken to a list of your recurring monthly donations. This chart will display details only for your monthly gifts.

The details of your monthly gift will include the organization name, the organization's EIN number, your intended donation amount, whether you covered the fees or not, the frequency of the gift, and whether you chose to remain anonymous or not. 

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