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How do I make a Giving Day gift recurring?

Turn your donation into a lasting contribution by making it a recurring gift

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Step 1: Begin the Donation Process

You can turn any donation you make on GiveGab into a recurring gift! To begin, you'll want to make a donation like normal.

Step 2: Check the "Recurring Gift" Box

Once you begin the donation process you are able to make your donation recurring. Simply check off the box titled “Make this a recurring gift.”

Step 3: Customize your donation

You will have options in the dropdown to make your donation "Monthly" or "Quarterly," and for your donation to last "Until I Cancel It," "Up to a certain date," or "Up to a set balance."

Once your monthly gift has been processed, your credit card will be charged the same amount each month on the same date. For example, I made a $10 monthly donation on October 1. On November 1, the credit card I used to make the original donation will be charged $10.

If you want to cover the fees or make your donation anonymous, those settings will hold true for all your future recurring donations, i.e. if I cover the fees on the first recurring donation, all future donations will also cover the fees.

If you want to cancel your recurring donation, you can do so from your Profile page at any time. Check out our article How do I cancel my monthly or recurring gift?

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