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Can I edit my recurring monthly donation amount?
Can I edit my recurring monthly donation amount?

Learn how to change your recurring monthly donation amount

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To edit your recurring monthly donation amount, you will need to cancel your current monthly donation and create a new one to the same organization.

Step 1: Navigate to Your Personal Dashboard

If your home page is not your Personal Dashboard, click on the drop-down box at the bottom of the screen next to “Viewing Dashboard For” to view a list of organizations that you are an administrator for. Click on "Personal Dashboard."

Step 2: Head to the "Your Donations" Section of your Dashboard

Click the "Manage Your Donations" button below the "Donations" heading.

Step 3: Click the "Manage Recurring Gifts" Button

From your donations history, select the button titled "Manage Recurring Gift." You'll be taken to a list of your recurring monthly donations.

Step 4: Cancel 

To cancel your monthly gift, click on the "Cancel" button next to the donation you want to discontinue. A confirmation window will appear to confirm the cancelation, click "OK" to cancel your donation.

Step 5: To start a new monthly donation, contact the organization to find the best way to donate.

To create a new recurring donation, contact the organization that you support to set up a new recurring donation.

If you need assistance in finding the organization you wish to donate to, please reach out to our Customer Success Team at

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