DAF Allocations for your Giving Day

Learn about DAF allocation for your giving day!

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Please note that we have recently released a new look for your Partner Dashboard. You are welcome to switch between the new and classic designs as needed until the classic design is sunsetted in Summer 2024. Updated screenshots corresponding to the new design are coming soon!

Giving Day partners can report the use of donor advised funds (DAFs), and manage these via their Giving Day dashboard. 

 Under the "Donations" tab in the Partner dashboard, you will see the ability to upload a CSV of DAF donations. There are three columns associated with DAFs in your CSV upload: One to declare whether a donation is a DAF, one column for the Fund Name, and one column for Fund Number

 To upload a CSV of DAF gifts, you can head over to the "Donations" tab, and click on "Actions", and select upload "Upload Offline Donations". 

Uploaded gifts that are not released immediately, will automatically be set to "Pending". Only released DAFs will show in the donations dashboard of nonprofits, and count in the stats for a giving day. 

To edit the status of multiple DAF gifts, you can head over to "Batch Update" and select the batch number associated with your DAF offline gift upload. 

To edit individual DAF gifts, you can use the "Donation Type" dropdown to filter by DAF only gifts, and use the "Release Status" dropdown to filter by specific DAF statuses.

Once you are viewing the donation types you are looking to edit, you can change the statuses per donation record via the dropdown on the left-hand side. That is how you can manage the DAF gifts for your giving day via the giving day Partner dashboard!

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