If you did not log in from your Everyday Community Giving site, start with Step 1.
If you did log in from your Everyday Community Giving site, you can jump to Step 3!

Step 1: Navigate to Your Admin Dashboard

Click next to "Viewing Dashboard For" in the middle and very bottom of the page to toggle between Dashboards. Then select the organization name of the profile you're looking to access at this time from the options.

Step 2: Navigate to your Everyday Community Giving Dashboard

From the “Home” Tab of your Admin Dashboard, click on your Everyday Community Giving name on the left sidebar. This will bring you to your Everyday Community Giving Dashboard. 

Please keep in mind that although the example below uses OC Nonprofit Central as the Everyday Community Giving profile, you will find your Everyday Community Giving profile name in the same spot on your Admin Dashboard.

Step 3: Add the Video to Your Story

While on the main page of the Everyday Community Giving profile editor, click on "Add Your Story" to expand the story editor. From there, paste the URL of your YouTube or Vimeo video and press "Save".

Step 4: Confirm the Changes

From the editor, click "View Your Page" in the right sidebar to be taken to your organization's Everyday Community Giving profile page. The video you had added should appear directly above your story.

Note: If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer success team via the blue chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen, or send us an email atcustomersuccess@givegab.com.

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