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How Do I Craft a Thoughtful Thank You Message to Begin Stewardship Immediately After an Everyday Community Giving Donation?
How Do I Craft a Thoughtful Thank You Message to Begin Stewardship Immediately After an Everyday Community Giving Donation?

Learn how to craft & meaningful & heartfelt message to thank your donors!

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Every donor receives an automated Thank You e-mail once their donation is processed on GiveGab. This is the official start of a new stewardship cycle with your donor, so you should take the time to craft a meaningful and heartfelt Thank You!

Always make sure to include these three sentiments in your message:

  1. You appreciate the donor's support of your campaign.

  2. Your donor's support will have an immense impact on your organization.

  3. Clearly outline what the donor's contribution will be used in support of.

Thank You Message

Even if you plan on making a Thank You Video or including a Thank You Image, you should always include a Thank You Message. Be mindful that e-mail clients and internet speeds vary from donor to donor. Not every donor may be able to load a video or even an image, so including an accessible text Thank You is incredibly important!

Your message should include the three sentiments listed above and give your donor's a clear idea of how their contributions will be used and how that relates to the campaign story you wrote before. Donors will be more likely to view you as a trustworthy organization if you are consistent and transparent with them. This will likely result in a long, mutually beneficial relationship as a result of proper stewardship.

Thank You Video

A Thank You Video is a great way of highlighting the impact that donors make, especially if the message is coming directly from or features the beneficiary.

Consider including a group of people who are benefitting from your organization's fundraising efforts saying Thank You or even your team expressing thanks.

Pro tips for creating a meaningful Thank You Video:

  • Keep it short. People tend to lose interest after 60 seconds, so try to keep it to a minute or less!

  • Keep it relevant. Tie the Thank You message back to your story and what your donors gave to!

  • Keep it authentic. Include facts about, messages from, and photos of those benefitting from your campaign.

Thank You Image

If you choose not to include a Thank You Video, you can opt for a Thank You Image! Just like the Thank You Video, a Thank You Image is a great way of showcasing the impact that donors make, especially if the image features those who have benefitted from the donor's contributions.

Consider including a picture of something unique to your campaign, such as the beneficiary holding up a Thank You sign, a hand-drawn sign, a fun group photo, or using a free graphic design program such as Canva to add a 'Thank You' message to a photo of your choice.

Images should be medium-sized, horizontal, and around 500 pixels x 300 pixels (but no larger than 5MB).

Here are two great examples:

Photo 1

Photo 2

Donation Disclaimer

A Donation Disclaimer field is located under the Add a 'Thank You' Message section of each Giving Day Dashboard. This functionality enables organizations that wish to include custom messaging on donation receipts the ability to do so. This text will display at the bottom of each donation receipt.
An example of a message that an organization may choose to include would be:
โ€‹"This is a tax-deductible receipt. We are a 501(c)(3) organization."

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