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What is the Giving Day Gift Basket?

Learn how to use the gift basket for the giving day

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To donate to multiple organizations on GiveGab during a Giving Day, you can use the giving day gift basket! 

Step 1: Search for your first organization

On the giving day home page, you can use the search bar at the top to find the first organization you wish to donate to.

Step 2: Add this organization to your gift basket

Click on the basket icon with the plus sign to add this organization to your gift basket.

Step 3: Continue adding additional organizations to your basket

If you would like to donate to multiple organizations, you can continue to search for organizations using the search feature, and following steps 1 and 2. 


If you already know which organizations you wish to donate to, you may add more organizations directly from the gift basket by clicking on your basket:

And selecting "Add Another Organization":

Step 5: Edit your Donations

From the gift basket, you can choose to make the donation anonymous, indicate if you are a new donor to the organization, add a message to the donation, attribute the donation to a specific campaign, make the donation in honor of or in memory of another individual, or remove the organization from the gift basket. 

Step 6: Fill out payment for donations

Once you have selected "Next" after choosing all the organizations you wish to donate to, continue to the payment screen. Once you have filled out all the information for the payment, select "Next".

Step 7: Finish making your donations

On the final screen, you will be able to review all your donations, decide whether or not to cover fees, and then "Submit" your payment.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out via the blue chat bubble, or shoot us an email to

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