The GiveGab Glossary

These are words you’ll commonly see when you use GiveGab

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Admin Dashboard

As an administrator of an organization on GiveGab, your Admin Dashboard is often the first place you’ll start to complete a task. From your Admin Dashboard, you can view, edit, and manage your organization’s presence and profile on GiveGab.

Bank Fee

Bank Fees are the standard credit card processing fees applied when someone makes a donation online through GiveGab.


Boost is one of several pricing plans available to organizations using GiveGab that provides the ultimate fundraising and supporter engagement prowess with fully customizable fundraising campaigns, events, engagement and marketing tools, as well as GiveGab's enhanced supporter engagement features!


A campaign is a custom branded page an organization creates to highlight how their supporters can have an impact on general and specific fundraising efforts

Campaign Manager 

The Campaign Manager is where organizations can manage their campaign donations, donors, fundraisers, and fundraising teams, as well as view any back-end analytics. 

Campaign Editor 

The Campaign Editor is where organizations can customize their fundraising campaign and add their own goals, story, and branding.

Community Partner 

Community Partners are organizations that engage with one another on GiveGab by displaying volunteer opportunities on their partner’s GiveGab profile. 


CSV stands for Comma Separated Value. On GiveGab, all uploads and downloads are in this format, making the information accessible no matter what platform you’re using.

Donations Dashboard

An organization fundraising on GiveGab can view, edit, and manage all of their online and offline donations from their Donations Dashboard. There organization administrators can see the general details of all their donations, as well as download a more detailed report of all their donation history on GiveGab. 

Donation Levels 

Donation Levels are customized elements on an organization’s Campaign or Giving Day Profile that encourages donors to choose from specific amounts to donate. Each level is fully customizable in amount, text, and visual to highlight the impact a donor can have by making a gift to the organization.

Enhanced Supporter Profile

For organizations on the Boost Plan, you have access to enhanced supporter engagement features which allow you to better track, manage, and analyze your supporter's peer-to-peer, donation, and volunteer history within your organization


 EIN stands for Employer Identification Number and is unique to every organization. A valid EIN registered with the IRS is required to collect donations through GiveGab.
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An event is a fundraising campaign that allows an organization to collect registration from participants through a customized registration form. Events are also a great opportunity to engage an organization’s peer-to-peer fundraisers and teams.

Event Manager

The Event Manager is where organizations can manage their event registrants, donations, donors, fundraisers, and fundraising teams, as well as view any back end analytics and data. 

Event Editor 

The Event Editor is where organizations can customize their fundraising event and add their own goals, story, branding, and registration process.


Exporting allows information on GiveGab to be downloaded and used within other programs. On GiveGab you can export reports of your donations, supporters, fundraisers, and more! All exports will be automatically emailed to the email address associated with your email account.


A fundraiser, also referred to as a P2P or peer-to-peer fundraiser, is someone that rallies around an organization’s mission by fundraising on their behalf through a personal fundraising page. Fundraisers share their personal stories of why they are connected to an organization’s cause to encourage those in their network to support them in their fundraising efforts.

Giving Day

A 24-Hour online fundraising event that aims to rally groups of people around their community by supporting local nonprofits.

Giving Day Dashboard 

Organizations participating in a Giving Day have their own Giving Day Dashboard where they can manage, edit, and customize their Giving Day profile.

Giving Day Profile

An organization participating in a Giving Day will have a specific profile they can customize and share out with their supporters that is connected to the main Giving Day website. Supporters can also find an organization’s Giving Day Profile listed on the main Giving Day website.

GiveGab Profile

Every organization on GiveGab has their own GiveGab profile where they can highlight volunteer opportunities, fundraising campaigns, and other information about their cause. Every GiveGab profile is also completely customizable to match the look and feel of the organization’s mission and branding.


Within an organization’s main GiveGab profile, they can create groups to segment their supporters and provide them with specific opportunities. Groups are a great way to manage volunteers or other active members of an organization

Help Center

The GiveGab Help Center is where you can find how-to articles, best practices, and other helpful resources so that you have everything you need to be a GiveGab Champion.


A standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font, color, graphic, and hyperlink effects on websites. Organization administrators can use HTML when editing their campaigns and giving day profiles for extra customization


Importing allows information collected outside of GiveGab to be added to the platform. Organizations can import their supporters’ information to be included in all of their donation, fundraising, and volunteer tracking on GiveGab.


Matching Opportunities are additional funds set aside specifically to motivate donors to give during a particular time frame in order to make their donation have a greater impact on the organization. Matches can be sponsored by board members, a business, or anyone looking to encourage donors to support an organization. On GiveGab, organizations can highlight any matching donation opportunities so their donors can see the impact they have in real time.

Offline Donation

Donations made by cash, check, or another method of payment outside of GiveGab that an organization wishes to recognize in their fundraising totals. Accounting for gifts made offline allows organizations to acknowledge all donations made to their organization, both on GiveGab and off.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising (P2P) 

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, also known as P2P, is a way for organizations to ignite their supporters passions for their cause by enlisting them to create their own personal fundraising pages on behalf of the organization. Through P2P, organizations can expand their reach to a wider audience and raise more for their cause by sharing personal stories of their mission in action. 

Personal Profile 

Everyone on GiveGab has their own personal GiveGab profile where they can keep track of their volunteer hours and dollars donated to organizations on GiveGab. GiveGab users can also highlight their causes and interests to help them find other organizations on GiveGab that align with their passions.

Processing Fee

Processing Fees are the platform usage fees applied when someone makes a donation online through GiveGab. Processing fees will vary based on an organization's pricing plan. 


A Registrant is someone who has signed up for a fundraising event on GiveGab. Registrants are different than general donors because they filled out a specific registration form when signing up for the event. Organization administrators can easily download reports of their registrant information when running a fundraising event on GiveGab.

Registration Fee

A Registration Fee is an optional amount that registrants of a particular fundraising event on GiveGab can be asked to pay in order to participate. Organization administrators can set different amounts for different types of registrants to make signing up as easy as possible for everyone.


Stripe is GiveGab’s PCI Level 1 Compliant payment processing partner that processes all transactions made through GiveGab. 


Supporters are the donors, volunteers, and fundraisers that have supported an organization through GiveGab by donating, logging volunteer hours, or fundraising on their behalf. Organization administrators can manage their supporter activity best through enhanced supporter m.


Every organization collecting donations on GiveGab has been verified by our payment processing partner, Stripe, as well as by GiveGab, to accept tax-deductible donations from their donors. Only IRS-recognized organizations can be verified to fundraise on GiveGab.


A Volunteer is a person who donates their time to an organization by signing up for specific opportunities that they’re interested in. On GiveGab, volunteers can log and keep track of all the hours they volunteer to a specific organization.


Through Volunteer Opportunities, organizations can provide their supporters the chance to donate their time through specific tasks that align with their skills and passions. 


A Widget is an embeddable donation form that an organization can add to their own website while still collecting donations through their organization’s GiveGab account. Widgets are not only a great way to keep track of your donor’s information that’s automatically updated in GiveGab, but can also be customized to maximize their donor’s experience from beginning to end.  

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