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Building Better Engagement: December 2021 Product Updates
Building Better Engagement: December 2021 Product Updates

Learn more about GiveGab's December 2021 product updates - including our new social media aggregator for Giving Day sites!

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In this article, learn more about GiveGab’s December 2021 product updates -including our new social media aggregator for Giving Day sites!

Giving Days

Giving Days are online fundraising challenges (24 hours or longer) that bring communities and campuses together to raise awareness and funds for different initiatives.

Building Better Engagement

Social media is a powerful tool to bring people together during Giving Days. Our team at GiveGab wants to continue to help you highlight this content directly on your website. We are excited to introduce Tint, a robust social media aggregator that can be integrated directly onto your Giving Day homepage. This updated integration will help you highlight content from fundraisers, donors, volunteers, and community members.

Tint will replace the current social media aggregator, Tagboard, and will provide a more visually intriguing way for your Giving Day supporters to engage with the buzz around your fundraiser – driving more site traffic and donations for your community.

Making Participation Even Easier

We want to make it incredibly easy for Giving Day participants to register and get set-up so they dedicate the majority of their time building and executing a strong fundraising strategy. With our latest update to the Giving Day registration page, your participating groups can easily see their participation status when searching by their name.

This latest enhancement will help returning groups see their status without needing to log in to their dashboard. We anticipate this will reduce the amount of registration status questions sent to Giving Day administrators – allowing more time for participants to create their campaigns with ease. The different statuses your groups can see include, but are not limited to, “already registered,” “previously registered,” “not verified,” and “inquire about registration.”

The GiveGab team dedicates time to respond to our customer’s feedback and create impactful, robust additions to the GiveGab Fundraising Platform. Learn more each month by visiting our blog.

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