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How do I sign up for an engagement opportunity?

Learn how to give back to an organization by signing up to volunteer

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Step 1: Visit your Giving Day's homepage

At the top of the Giving Day's homepage, type in the name of the organization that you'd like to volunteer for and click the search button.

Step 2: Select the organization you'd like to volunteer for

Once you've found the organization you'd like to support, click "View Profile" to navigate to that organization's individual profile.

Step 3: Sign up for a Volunteer Opportunity

If the organization has any active volunteer opportunities, you can view them by scrolling to the bottom of their page. To sign up for one of the available Volunteer Opportunities, select the name of the opportunity you are interested in.

After selecting an opportunity, you will be redirected to the organization's GiveGab listing for it. If you're not already logged into GiveGab, you'll be prompted to log in or create an account before successfully signing up for the opportunity.

While you're on this page, take note of the details of the opportunity:

  1. Where the volunteering will be done

  2. Who to contact with questions

  3. How to sign up for the opportunity

  4. What tasks the organization needs help with

When clicking "Sign Up", you might be prompted to choose a task or sign up without a task. Select one of these options to sign yourself up for this opportunity:

Once you're logged in and have clicked the "Sign Up" button you'll see the message below letting you know that you've been successfully registered for the opportunity.

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