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Expand Your Organization's Reach Through Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
How do I set default stories and goals for my P2P Fundraisers?
How do I set default stories and goals for my P2P Fundraisers?

Learn how to set default stories and goals for your Giving Day P2P Fundraisers!

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Step 1: Navigate to Your Admin Dashboard

If your home page is not your admin dashboard, click on the drop down box at the bottom of the screen next to “Viewing Dashboard For” to view a list of organizations that you are an administrator for. Click on the name of your organization you’d like to access. You can also click on the manage button under the organization whose dashboard you'd like to view.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Giving Day Dashboard

From the “Home” tab of your Admin Dashboard on, click on the name of your Giving Day from the Giving Day banner highlighted below.

Step 3: Expand the P2P Fundraisers Tab

Click on the "Add Fundraisers" tab on your Giving Day Dashboard:

Step 4: Edit the Story and Goal fields

Edit the "Set Fundraisers' Story" text box with the default story for your Fundraisers. Of course, they'll be able to edit this however at least there will be some customized text there to either start them off or for those less tech savvy.

Edit the "Set Fundraisers' Goal". Again, they'll be able to adjust this as well.

Please remember to click "Save" after making your edits so all your great work is saved! 🎉

Voilà! Now when Fundraisers are added or signed up, they'll have a great story and goal to start them off! 👍

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