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GiveGab Fundraising Requirements
Becoming a verified nonprofit
What is required to accept donations through GiveGab?
What is required to accept donations through GiveGab?

The steps and information required to fundraise on GiveGab

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In order for your organization to utilize GiveGab's suite of online fundraising features, you or a member of your organization will need to provide the following information:

Organization Information - The legal organization name and EIN of your organization, or the name and EIN of your fiscal sponsor if applicable.

Organization Representative Information - A staff member at your organization must provide the following information about themselves:

  • Their full name as it appears on their social security card

  • The last four digits of their SSN

    • If the organization representative cannot be verified with the last 4 digits of their SSN, the full SSN or a government-issued identification document will need to be supplied.

  • Their birth date

  • A full mailing address

    • Due to KYC (Know Your Customer)obligations, PO boxes are not an approved address type.

  • Phone number

  • Email address 

All of these pieces of information are necessary in order to verify their identity in association with your organization and to enable the ability to accept donations on GiveGab. This is to comply with federal law and regulation including the Know Your Customer Act and the Customer Due Diligence Rule and to ensure that there is a real person behind every nonprofit at GiveGab. The final information needed is: 

Bank Account Information - provide a bank account and routing number to enable 5-day rolling automatic ACH direct deposit transfers of all your donations.

Once your organization has submitted all of this information, it will take up to 2-3 business days for your organization to be fully verified to accept donations on GiveGab. If there are any issues with the verification status of your organization you will be contacted by a member of the GiveGab Customer Success Team. 

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