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How does GiveGab verify the nonprofits using their platform?
How does GiveGab verify the nonprofits using their platform?

All organizations using GiveGab undergo a stringent review process to ensure that our platform is reserved only for valid nonprofits

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The following is the process through which each organization must undergo in order to ensure that your donation goes where you intend it to:

  • We Require A Valid EIN: As a Nonprofit Giving Platform, we only allow organizations that are eligible to receive tax-deductible donations by the IRS to collect donations on our platform.

  • We Require Full Legal Organization Entity Information: We require each organization to fill in their full legal organization information including full address (P.O. Boxes are not allowed), legal name, and EIN as noted above.

  • We Require a Real Company Representative: We require each organization to list a company representative including full name, birthdate, mailing address (this should match the address on the representative’s ID or passport), email address, phone number, and the last four of their social security number. In cases where our payment processor cannot verify their identity additional information may be required.

  • We Require a Valid Bank Account Tied to the Organization: Each organization must submit their bank routing and account information so that we direct deposit all monetary gifts directly to the organization.

GiveGab also re-verifies each organization annually to ensure that they are still in good standing with the IRS and all state and federal fundraising requirements.

Nonprofits cannot receive donations until all of the above information is fully verified.

Again, it’s very important to us that our platform maintains the highest integrity for our donors and nonprofit customers and that’s why we’ve established this process!

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