Step 1: Accept your invitation to log in to your Business Fundraiser Page!

You’ll receive an email from GiveGab inviting you to manage your business fundraising page for Amplify Austin Day.

Click the “Sign In” button to accept the invite and access your business fundraising page. Make sure you use the same email address that is listed in the invitation to register.

Step 2: Access your Business Fundraiser Toolkit

Step 3: "Edit Business Information"

A. Change Your Name, and List Your Number of Employees, if you’d like to keep track of employee giving

B. Upload Your Logo (100x100 Pixels, 5MB max file size)

C. Enter in Your Business Address

D. Add additional contact information (for internal purposes)

E. Always click Save!

Step 4: Edit Profile

A. Set a Donor or Dollar Goal (optional)

B. Tell Your Story -
Why is your business supporting and fundraising for Amplify Austin? What nonprofit causes does your business support? How long have you been supporting Amplify Austin?

You have formatting options here, too - font, text color, text size, images, numbered or bulleted lists, and even an HTML editor. 

C . Always click Save!

Grab your business’s personal link here and start sharing!

Check out what your page looks like by visiting that link!

Step 7: Complete and Review Survey Questions regarding your Business Fundraiser

If you have any questions while completing your Business Fundraiser page, please reach out to us via the blue chat bubble or email us at We are happy to help! 

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