Step 1: Accept your invitation to login to your Business Fundraiser Dashboard

You'll receive an email from, inviting you to manage your business fundraiser page for your Giving Day. 

Click the "Sign In" button to accept the invitation and access your business fundraising dashboard. Make sure you use the same email that is listed in your invitation to register. 

ProTip: Bookmark the "Sign In" link so you can easily access your page to make edits.

Step 2: Access your Business Fundraiser Dashboard

Once you sign in to GiveGab using the email address connected to your Business Fundraiser page, you will be automatically directed to your personal "Business Fundraiser Toolkit," the dashboard you will use to edit and update your Business Fundraiser page. 

Step 3: Edit the information for your Business Fundraiser Page

From your Business Fundraiser Toolkit, click on the button to "Edit Business Information." This will reveal a drop-down menu where you can add a name for your Business, the Number of Employees, Logo, Address, and Contact information. Be sure to click "Save" before leaving this screen! 

Step 4: Edit your Business Fundraiser Profile

When you click on the "Edit Profile" button, you will be able to set a goal and add your business's story. You can choose between adding a dollar goal or a donor goal. 

Once you have entered this information, click "Save." 

Copy and paste the link in the right side bar of your business toolkit and start sharing, then check out what your page looks like by visiting that link! 

Step 6: Complete and review survey questions regarding your Business Fundraiser

When you click on the "View/Edit Survey" button, you will be able to view, answer, and edit the responses for your Giving Day's business fundraiser survey. While some questions may vary, you will likely be asked questions about the number of employees in your company as well as any pledged matching dollars that you might be providing. Remember to click "Save" so that your responses will be recorded properly! 

Step 7: View the donation data for your Business Fundraiser page

From your Business Fundraiser dashboard, you can view the donor data of all of the individuals who have claimed affiliation with your business on the donation form. Simply scroll to the bottom of your Business Toolkit to view and download your embedded donation report. 

If you have any questions while completing your Business Fundraiser page, please reach out to us via the blue chat bubble or email us at We are happy to help! 

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