GiveGab is committed to being WCAG 2.0 Level A and partially Level AA compliant for its core platform and for its giving day sites.

We periodically run a WCAG site checker tool and also look to leverage best practices while developing our software to meet this standard.

GiveGab's innovative product team moves fast and we are constantly enhancing our product to meet the needs of our customers and to provide value that keep up with the latest industry trends.  This means that we sometimes miss delivering on WCAG compliance.

Additionally, some content provided by customers of our platform, and certain requirements from our customers require us to implement fonts, language, images, and more that are outside of our core product and our control, which are not WCAG compliant.

We owe it to our donors and our partners to hold ourselves to these standards.  If you find areas that need some TLC from us, please write into our chat support and let us know.  We are happy to review any requests and plan out work around this.

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