Step 1: Navigate to your Admin Dashboard

Click the “You” in the top right corner and click “Admin Dashboard” for your organization. If you are an admin of more than one organization make sure you click the right one you want to work on.

Step 2: Navigate to your Dashboard

Navigate to Your Amplify Austin Dashboard

From the Overview Tab of your Admin Dashboard, click on the “Edit Profile” button for Amplify Austin Day to access your Dashboard and edit your profile.

* For help accessing your Admin Dashboard check out this support article for step by step instructions! 

Step 3: Locate Engagement Opportunities 

From your Dashboard, click "Engagement Opportunities" along the right-hand side:

Step 4: Create an Engagement Opportunity

Click on the Orange "Add Engagement Opportunities" button to add the title of your event/volunteer opportunity.

Title your Engagement Opportunity and click "save"

 Step 4: Build out your Engagement Opportunity

  1. Describe the event/volunteer opportunity in detail
  2. Tell you supports when this opportunity takes place
  3. Tell the supports where the opportunity is happening
  4. Who should your supporters contact if they questions? 

Step 5: Review Your Engagement Opportunity

To preview an engagement opportunity, click the "View" button. To continue customizing an opportunity, click the "Edit" button. To remove an opportunity permanently, click the "Delete" button.

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