Step 1: Navigate to Your Amplify Austin Dashboard

From the Overview Tab of your Admin Dashboard, click on the “Edit Profile” prompt for Amplify Austin Day to access your Dashboard and edit your profile.

* For help accessing your Admin Dashboard check out this support article for step by step instructions! 

Step 2: Add Your Organization's Information

Expand the first section on your Dashboard to add your organization's logo, website URL,  and tagline. Once you've completed this information, click the "Save" button.

* Your Tagline should be a quick one sentence overview of your organization. If someone stumbled on your page, it should give them a quick and snappy reason as to why they should support your organization and, more specifically, why they should participate in your event. It will appear under your organization’s name and logo. 

Step 3: Add Your Story

Expand the second tab on your Dashboard to add a cover photo, YouTube or Vimeo video, set a goal, and customize your organization's story. Once you've completed this information, click the "Save" button.

Learn more about how to Tell a captivating story for your giving day to solidify support

*If you are a returning I Live Here I Give Here Nonprofit Member, we have migrated your organization's information from the old platform. You can edit or remove this text to tell any story that will help you build your audience and grow your donor base in the lead up to Amplify Austin Day.

Step 4: Add Your Bank Account

Expand the third tab on your Dashboard to add your organization's general information, organization representative, and bank account information to become verified to accept donations on and to receive your donations through ACH direct deposit transfer. Once this information is complete click "Save" and your organization should be verified to accept donations within 2-3 business days.

*If you are a returning I Live Here I Give Here Nonprofit Member, you will see ILHIGH’s information here. To set your page up for 2019 you will need to write in to the blue chat bubble for assistance in adding your own information.

Step 5: Add Donation Levels

Expand the fourth tab on your Dashboard to add different donation levels to your profile. Here you can set a custom amount, description, and photo for each donation level. 

Step 6: Add Your Thank You Message

Expand the fifth tab on your Dashboard to add a custom thank you message that your donors will receive immediately after making their contribution to your organization on Here you can add an image or video (Adding a video will replace any image you add) and a custom message. Once you've completed your thank you message, click the "Save" button.

Step 7: Invite Your P2P Fundraisers

Expand the sixth tab on your Dashboard to add P2P fundraisers that will support your organization on Adding P2P Fundraisers is optional for Amplify Austin Day, but can help expand your reach to new networks and help acquire new donors through your current supporter base. Here you can add fundraisers, message fundraisers, and remove fundraisers. You can also enable/disable the ability for fundraisers to sign up right through your profile. 

Once your profile is complete each section should have a green check mark next to the heading. Once you see 6 green check marks on your Dashboard, you'll know you're ready for the big day!

New to Amplify Austin?

Your profile will not appear on until your registration in approved by a member of the I Live Here I Give Here team!

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