Step 1: Navigate to Your Admin Dashboard. 

Click the “You” in the top right corner and click the “Admin Dashboard” link for your organization. If you are an admin of more than one organization make sure you select the one with the event you want to work on.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Event Editor

From your Admin Dashboard, navigate to the "Fundraising Events" section and click. From there, select the "Edit" button under the event you are looking to add registrants to.

Step 3: Edit existing swag items

Once you've accessed your event editor, select the "Swag Items" tab to view the Swag Items currently available for your registrants to purchase. Click the "Edit" button underneath the Swag Item you'd like to edit, and make your changes to the name, max quantity, price or photo! Be sure to select the "Save" button once you've edited the item.

Keep in mind that you may not want to edit the price of a swag item after registration has opened! That way your reporting is as consistent as possible.

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