Step 1: Navigate to Your Admin Dashboard

Click "You" on the top right corner of your page on GiveGab and from the drop down menu, select "Admin Dashboard" for the organization you'd like to access.

Step 2: Head to Your Campaign Manager 

From the Overview tab in your Admin Dashboard select the Campaign overview button. Then click the Manage button beneath the campaign or event you'd like to recruit fundraisers for. 

For Campaign: 

Step 3: Add a Fundraiser 

Navigate to the Fundraising Champions tab of your Campaign Manager. Once you're in the fundraisers tab, click the "Add Fundraiser" button. You'll have the option to add one fundraiser or add multiple fundraisers at a time. 

Once you've inputed the name and email of the fundraiser(s) you'd like to add, click Next to compose your recruitment email. 

Fundraising Champion Tab: 

Add a Fundraiser Pop-Up:

Step 4: Compose Your Message 

Add a subject to your email and a message letting your fundraiser(s) why you're recruiting them to raise money for your campaign and the impact they'll have. Once your message is complete, click Send. 

Your fundraiser(s) will receive an email with your personal message along with a link to their toolkit, the direct link to their fundraising page, information about customizing their fundraising page, and temporary login information if they've never used GiveGab before. 

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