Note: These resources were pulled directly from the New York Attorney General Office's website and are to be used as a resource only, not as legal advice. This information is subject to change based on the Attorney General's Office. For the most up to date information, please visit their website here

Main Charities Website

A resource for consumers and nonprofits to learn about the registration requirements within the state of New York. 

Database to Search for Registered Organizations

A database of the nonprofits currently registered with the New York Attorney General's Office. You can check your nonprofit's status with the Attorney General's Office by searching this database.

Instructions on How to Register

Some resources on how to register to fundraise in New York

Note: All states that require charitable registration do accept the Unified Registration Statement. This could save you time if you have to register in multiple states!

Information on the Laws Behind Registration

A look into the laws that require nonprofit fundraising

Cost to Register

$25 (as of 4/2017)

Contact Information


(212) 416-8401


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