Your Tagline should be a quick one sentence overview of your campaign. If someone stumbled on your campaign page, it should give them a quick and snappy reason as to why they should support your organization and more specifically, your campaign. 

Example 1

  • Ok: Donate to our page for our new goats we just brought in

  • Pretty Good: Join us in supporting our new goat gang

  • Excellent: Join VINE Sanctuary in welcoming a ragtag gang of goats and sheep recently rescued from starvation.

Example 2

  • Ok: Donate to our annual fund to help conserve our environment

  • Pretty Good: Join us in conserving our environment through science, education, and action.

  • Excellent: Connecting people and place through science, education and action.


Your website will be included in the thank you email your donors receive after making a gift. Add your website so donors will be able to learn more about your organization. 

Your logo will be one of the first things your donors will see when coming to your page and helps with brand recognition. Make sure your logo is current and represents your organization.


You can add up to three causes to your organization. These causes are used in Search, as well as after a donor makes a donation.

If a donor gave to an "Animals" organization, after they have made their gift, the giving day confirmation page would ask if they'd like to give again to another organization that shares those causes. 

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