Step 1: Navigate to your Admin Dashboard

Step 2: Expand the Fundraising tab within your Admin Dashboard

Step 3: Select Embeddable Donation Form

(If you don't see the "Embeddable Donation Form" option, you might be on our Basic plan. Upgrade to get this feature!)

Step 4: Once you've customized your button, click on "Copy to Clipboard"

Questions about customizing your button? Learn how here.

Step 5: Paste the code into your website

This will vary among website builders, but any spot where HTML or CSS is accepted, this code should populate your Embeddable Donation Form. 

If you have an existing donate button, this code for the Embeddable Donation Form can replace that one.

If you have a website administrator, they'll be the best ones to help you add this to your website.

If you're have any trouble adding the Embeddable Donation Form, please let us know! 

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