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How do I re-register past participants for this year's #iGiveCatholic?
How do I re-register past participants for this year's #iGiveCatholic?

Learn about this year's new feature where you can register a past participant from your Partner Dashboard.

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Step 1: Navigate to your Partner Dashboard

Log in to and navigate to your Partner Dashboard by clicking on #iGiveCatholic under Your Giving Days.

Step 2: Locate and select the "Actions" button

Once you have clicked on #iGiveCatholic, you'll be brought directly to the "Organizations" tab on your Partner Dashboard. Locate and click the "Actions" button.

Step 3: Locate and select "Register Previous Organization(s)"

Once you have selected the "Actions" button, you will be presented with a dropdown list of options. Click "Register Previous Organization(s)".

Step 4: Select "Complete Registration Survey"

Click the checkbox next to the "Complete Registration Survey" option under the "Additional Options" section. Please note: you are only able to complete the surveys for one organization at a time.

You will also have the option to notify the organization admins that they have been registered for #iGiveCatholic and/or copy over the organizations' previous support areas. If you choose to notify all organization admins that they have been re-registered, an email notification will automatically notify the admins on the group profile.

Step 5: Select the organization to register

Scroll down and select the organization you're registering by clicking the checkbox next to their name. Then, click the blue "Register & complete survey" at the bottom of the window.

Step 6: Fill out registration survey & submit

After clicking "Register & complete survey" you will be taken to the registration survey for the organization. You MUST answer the first two questions in order to submit the survey. Please select the organization type, and agree to the Terms of Service. Then, click "Update" at the bottom of the form to submit.

You will receive a message stating that the information has been updated. Once you see that message, you are free to go back to your partner dashboard and continue registering other organizations.


While there is an option to register participating organizations in bulk, the two required questions on the survey MUST be entered in order for the organization to participate in #iGiveCatholic. If you decide to bulk register organizations first, you will need to go back and manually fill out registration surveys one by one after signing the organizations up. This process would take more time, and it is recommended to complete the registration and survey using the process outlined above!

The organization will be able to view their registration survey, but will need to request edits from either you or by contacting the Customer Success team.

If registering a large number of organizations at the same time, please allow up to one hour for your dashboard to update as the processing time will depend on the number of organizations you have selected to re-register. To view processing progress, refresh your partner dashboard and open the "Organizations" tab.

Once the selected organizations have been re-registered, you will see your name listed in the "Registered By" column. If the organization would like to have someone listed from their team in this field, please contact the Customer Success team to make this change.

If you have further questions, please contact GiveGab's Customer Success team at or use the blue chat bubble for assistance!

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