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What is the difference between my GiveGab page and my Giving Day profile?

Not sure why you have multiple pages and dashboards? This article will help to create a distinction between GiveGab and your Giving Day page

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What is GiveGab?
GiveGab, the tech partner with your Giving Day, is a nonprofit giving platform. On GiveGab, you can manage your volunteers and donors, run fundraising campaigns and events, create volunteer opportunities, and more! Your page on GiveGab is available for you to use all year long if you choose, and can provide overview information about your organization. You only have one page on GiveGab!

What is my Giving Day profile?
Your Giving Day profile is only available to you for a short period of time. It can be thought of as a campaign or appeal page where you can incorporate a specific, compelling story to draw supporters and donors. You'll want to share the direct link to your profile to excite supporters about the big day! ย 

Why do I have two pages?
When signing up for your giving day, you also signed up for GiveGab. Your Giving Day profile page lives within your GiveGab profile. They are different pages to accomplish two different goals. Your GiveGab profile is a general overview of your organization that can live year round. Your Giving Day profile is a way to tell a specific story about your organization, while keeping general information about your organization available.

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