Step 1: Navigate to the Graphics & Downloads page.

From the Resources page, scroll down to the section entitled Spread the Word. In this section is an icon with the title Graphics & Downloads. Click to open this resource!

Step 2: Choose & Download a Social Background

Scroll down to the section of Social Backgrounds, select the background of your choice and click the Download option.

Step 3: Apply Your Social Background to your Zoom Call

Now that you have your social background, you can apply it to your next Zoom video call. After you have begun your zoom call, click in the lower right corner to open your Video Preferences, from the menu select the Choose Virtual Background option.

From the Virtual Background menu, click the '+' option to add your new #iGiveCatholic social background. A pop up will appear and you will want to choose the Social Background file, this file should be in your Downloads folder on your computer.

Step 4: Adjust the settings for your Social Background

Once you've selected the correct file, you may notice that the Social Background is backwards. If this is the case, click to deselect the Mirror my Video option. This will correct the zoom background so it is displayed correctly!

With that you are all set and ready for your next video call!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to write into our support team via the little blue chat bubble, or send an email to!

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