Your organization can use Peer-to-Peer Fundraising as a way to broaden your organization's reach and expand your donor base by utilizing the passionate supporters that you already have! Read on to learn about some exciting new changes we've made to P2P For the 2021 OC Collaborative Giving Days.

Updated Peer to Peer Fundraiser Dashboards

1. The first change we've made for Peer to Peer fundraising is changing the name of the P2P Toolkit, this page is now referred to as a "Fundraiser Dashboard", this keeps the verbiage consistent throughout our site. All pages that are used to make edits to a profile are now referred to as "dashboards".

2. The Tell Your Story section of the Fundraiser Dashboard, now utilizes Summernote for editing. This means that the P2P profiles now allow for custom text options; such as changing the color, size and type of font and more formatting options for the story's layout.

3. The Fundraiser dashboard now includes a field where fundraisers can add their phone number, making it easier for administrators to reach out to their fundraising champions.

Fundraiser phone numbers and email addresses are also listed on your Giving Day dashboard in the Add Fundraiser section. Here's what that looks like:

Updated Peer to Peer Fundraiser Profiles

1. We've updated the overall layout and design of the P2P Fundraiser profiles! Here's an example of what the new P2P Fundraiser Profile will look like:

2. We've also updated the verbiage on the P2P Profile so that the language makes sense whether an individual or a group is serving as a P2P Fundraiser.

The old P2P profile previously stated "Hi, I'm [NAME] and I'm fundraising for [ORGANIZATION]."

The new P2P profile now states "[NAME] is a fundraiser for [ORGANIZATION]."

You can see an example of what this looks like below:

Updated Donation Flow with an Emphasis on P2P

We've updated our donation form so that donors now have the option of choosing to support a Peer-to-Peer fundraiser directly from the donation form!

All they have to do is click the "Add a Fundraiser" button:

Selecting this option will prompt a dropdown menu to appear, and the donor will have the ability to choose a fundraising champion from this list:

If a donor would like to support more than one P2P Fundraiser, they can select the "Add Another Organization" option and then repeat the steps above!

If you have any questions about P2P or otherwise, feel free to reach out via the blue chat bubble, or send us an email at

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