Step 1: Head to

First, navigate to to sign up your organization for GiveGab.

Step 2: Sign Up

From click on the "Get Started" button highlighted below.

After you click the "Get Started" button you'll be prompted to create an organization profile or a personal profile. Click the button that says "Create A Nonprofit" to create your organization's profile on GiveGab.

Step 3: Enter Your Organization Information

After you click the "Create A Nonprofit" button, fill out the form shown below with your organization's name, mailing address, and your own personal log in information. 

Note: If you sign up for GiveGab and are not affiliated with a Giving Day and have not yet signed up for one of our Premium Plans your organization will be placed on a 14 day Boost trial. During this trial period your organization will be unable to receive donation. At the end of the trial, you will have the option to upgrade to one of our Premium Plans and begin fundraising on GiveGab.

Happy Fundraising!

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