After your organization has received donations from Giving Challenge 2020, you'll be able to download a comprehensive report of all your donation and donor information by following these steps here.

Once you've received your Donation Report via email from, you'll see something like this when you open the file in Excel, Google Sheets, or another compatible spreadsheet application:

Your Donation Report download has over 26 columns that explain the details of each donation you received through GiveGab. To better digest the information in your report, we'll break it down into two sections: 1. your donation information and 2. your donor information.

Donation Information

  1. ID: This number represents the ID of each donation made on GiveGab. If one of your donors requests a refund or you need to edit the details of a donation, having this number handy will help our Customer Success team find that specific donation quickly.
  2. Donation Date: The day, month, and year the donation was made.
  3. Time: The time of day that your donation was made on GiveGab in EST, however, this time will actually be reflected in UTC on your report. (For more information about this, click here.)
  4. Status: If this column says "Paid Out" it has been deposited successfully to The Community Foundation of Sarasota County. Each donation made to a participating nonprofit organization will be disbursed directly from The Community Foundation of Sarasota County via a check by July 1, 2020.
  5. Intended Donation: This reflects the amount that your donor originally intended to give before fees regardless of whether or not they decided to cover them on your behalf. 
  6. Amount Charged: This reflects the amount that your donor was charged for their donation after fees. If the amount is the same as the intended donation then the donor did not opt to cover the fees. If the amount is more than the intended donation then the fees were covered by the donor.
  7. Bank Fees: Credit card processing fees associated with this donation.
  8. Processing Fees: Cost to use the GiveGab platform.
  9. Donor Covered Fees: Reflects whether the donor chose to cover the fees on behalf of your donation.
  10. Payout Amount: The total amount after fees deducted that will be paid out to your organization. 
  11. Payout Date: The date that the donation was successfully transferred to The Community Foundation of Sarasota County. If this column says pending then the donations have not yet been transferred.
  12. Donation Level: The description of the donation level that was selected for this donation, if any.
  13. Donation Type: The type of donation that was made: Online, Offline, Offline - Donor Advised Funds, Offline - Organization's individual Matches & Challenges.
  14. Referral Source: This is the source that the donor came from to make their donation.
  15. In Memory/Honor of: If your donor chose to make their donation in memory or in honor of someone, the option will show here.
  16. Honoree Name: The name of the individual(s) that your donor chose to make their gift in honor or memory of.
  17. Honoree Email: The email of that individual(s), if your donor chose to include it.
  18. Honoree Message: The message your donor included for their honoree, if applicable.

Donor Information

  1. First Name: The donor's first name
  2. Last Name: The donor's last name
  3. Email: The donor's email address
  4. Address: The donor's mailing address.
  5. Anonymous: Reflects whether or not the donor chose to have their donation displayed publicly or not. 
  6. Fundraiser: Reflects whether or not the donation was made in support of a specific P2P fundraiser during  your Giving Day.
  7. Comment: Shows the comment that the donor made with their gift if applicable.

Questions? Reach out to the Customer Success team through the blue chat bubble or by emailing! We're happy to help!

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