Step 1: Navigate to the Distribution Form

Navigate to 401Gives donation form by visiting Here is what that looks like:

Step 2: Search for the organization

Search for the organization you'd like to support through your MyFund by entering in the name in the search bar. Select the organization from the suggested options list.

Step 3 (Optional): Add Multiple Organizations

If you'd like to add another distribution to an organization, you can click the "Add Another Organization" button. Then you can search again for the next organization you'd like to support!

Please note that if you accidentally add a distribution to your basket, you are always able to click "Remove this Donation" as seen in that last screenshot.

Step 4: Customize each distribution:

Here you will want to make sure to customize each distribution as you wish. Here is a screenshot to show you all the customizations possible. Below that are explanations for each component of that distribution form.

  • a: Enter the distribution amount you'd like to give to that organization
  • b: (optional) You can enter a Display Name to show on that organization's profile.
  • c: (optional) If you are a new donor to this organization, feel free to self-identify by checking this box!
  • d: (optional) If you don't want your name to be displayed publicly on the organization's 401Gives profile, check this box.
  • e: (optional) If you don't want your distribution amount to be displayed publicly on the organization's 401Gives profile, check this box.
  • f: (optional) If you want your name to be anonymous to both the public and the organization, click this box.
  • g: (optional) If you'd like to set up a recurring distribution so that your support continues after 401Gives, you're welcome to check this box!
  • h: (optional) If you would like to make this distribution in honor or in memory of someone, click this box.

When you've finished customizing your distributions, please click "Next".

Step 5: Payment Information

Once you click "Next" you will be taken to the Payment Information page. Here you will want to click where it says "Credit Card" under "Payment Method". Then select "Donor Advised Fund" from the dropdown options to continue making your MyFund distribution.

Then please fill in the rest of that form. Once all the fields have been entered, click "Next" to proceed to the final step!

Step 6: Review and Confirm

Once you click "Next", you'll be brought to the Review page. Please review the information entered. If anything needs correction, feel free to click "Back" to return to the previous page to make edits. 

If all is correct, go ahead and click "Submit" to make your distribution!  

Once you click "Submit" you will get this confirmation screen:

You will also receive an emailed thank you message and distribution receipt to the address you entered in the form at checkout. Any questions about your MyFund? Contact the UWRI MyFund Manager, Jill Arnold, at or 401-444-0691.

Thank you so much for supporting 401Gives!

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