Step 1: Navigate to your OC Nonprofit Central Profile

Navigate to your OC Nonprofit Central Dashboard by clicking on OC Nonprofit Central from the left sidebar:

Step 2: Click on the "Financials" tab:

Once you're on your OC Nonprofit Central profile, click the tab labeled "Financials".

Step 3: Upload your 990 Tax Form

Scroll down to "990 Tax Form". On the year you're looking to upload click "Edit" and then "Choose File". Once you have uploaded your 990, please remember to hit "Save". Check out the GIF below to see what this process looks like:

Once your document has been successfully uploaded, you should see the "Download" Link underneath the respective year you've uploaded it under. Feel free to click that link to make sure it was uploaded correctly.

Please write into the chat bubble or email if you have any questions about this. We will be more than happy to help! Thank you!

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