Once you register to have a profile on OC Nonprofit Central and enter information in the required fields on your profile, the OCCF team will review your application. There are six different statuses you may see on your profile while your request is in review. They are: Pre-Pending, Pending, Submitted, In Review, Approved, and Ineligible. Let's go over each status!


Right after you register for a profile on OC Nonprofit Central, your application will automatically be put into "Pre-Pending". This means that OCCF has received your application request and will review your eligibility soon!


Your organization will enter this status if OCCF has determined you are eligible to continue your registration. You can now begin customizing your profile. Here is what you will see on your OC Nonprofit Dashboard:


After you have finished customizing your profile and click the "Submit profile for review" button, your profile will enter the "Submitted" status. This notifies the OCCF team that your profile is ready to be reviewed. Here is what you will see on your profile:

In Review:

Profiles enter this status when the OCCF has begun reviewing their profile. If supplemental information is needed, the OCCF team will reach out to your organization's managers via email to collect this information. Here is what that status will look like on your profile:

"Approved" or "Ineligible":

When OCCF has finished reviewing your application, your profile status will change to either "Approved" or "Ineligible".

By being "Approved" your profile is now public on the OCCF site! A submit button will remain visible on the dashboard so that you can continue to submit profile updates as needed.

Here is what the "Approved" status will look like:

"Ineligible" status means that your organization has been determined to not be eligible for OCCF. For questions on this status, please email ocnonprofitcentral@oc-cf.org.

Here is what the "Ineligible" status will look like:

Please feel free to write into the chat bubble or email us at customersuccess@givegab.com if you have any questions about this.

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