Step 1: Open your GiveGab Activation Email

You will receive an activation email prompting you to log in to your organization's #iGiveCatholic profile. Click the "Get Started!" button to set up your account on GiveGab and access your #iGiveCatholic profile.

Step 2: Set Up Your Account for #iGiveCatholic

After clicking the "Get Started!" button, you'll need to log in to GiveGab. If you already have an account on GiveGab you can log in using your email and the password you used last year.

If this is your organization's  first year participating in #iGiveCatholic or you are a new administrator, click on the orange Sign Up button.

This option will take you to a User Sign Up page, from this page you will be able to activate your email address** and set up a password. 

**Be sure to use the same email address that received your #iGiveCatholic registration email 

Step 3: Navigate to your #iGiveCatholic Dashboard

Once you click "Let's Go", you will be taken to your Admin Dashboard. From your Admin Dashboard, click on the "#iGiveCatholic" banner listed under the "Giving Days" section. Be sure to only edit information within your #iGiveCatholic Dashboard so that it will be visible on

Step 5: Complete your #iGiveCatholic Profile

Expand each tab to add information that best represents your organization. As each tab is completed a green check mark will replace the blue icon. Because donors will receive a unique #iGiveCatholic receipt, please skip the "Add A Thank You" section. Organizations are encouraged to send a personal thank you within a week of the day. 

Below is an example of each section you'll need to fill out for #iGiveCatholic. Find out more on how to complete your profile here!

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