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How do I save my payment information for Amplify Austin?

Learn how to save your payment information for Amplify Austin!

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When making your gift during Amplify Austin, you'll have the opportunity to save your payment information for future gifts to your favorite organizations! 

Step 1: Make your gift to Amplify Austin

If you would like help making your donation during Amplify Austin, check out the support article here, or feel free to write in to the little blue chat bubble! 

Step 2: Save your payment information

Before submitting your donation (on step 3 of 3 of the donation process), you'll be asked to confirm your gift information, including whether you'd like to save your payment information. To save your payment information, select the "Save this payment information" check box before submitting your gift. 

Step 3: Submit your gift

Once you've confirmed your gift and that you've checked the Save this payment information box, click "Submit" to process your gift.

Note: If you've previously saved payment information, and this is your first time giving through Amplify Austin since 2018, please note that Amplify Austin transitioned to a new platform in October 2018 and you will need to enter your payment information one more time. Going forward, your saved payment method will be available in your donor profile. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Customer Success team at 

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