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Know the difference between Giving Day fees and year-round GiveGab fees
Know the difference between Giving Day fees and year-round GiveGab fees
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Before you participate in a Giving Day, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the difference between your Giving Day profile and your GiveGab profile!  The GiveGab platform is designed for both year-round fundraising campaigns AND 24-hour Giving Days, so all of these capabilities exist when you sign up with the platform. 

These are two different products that will typically have different per-donation fees associated with them.  

  • Fees associated with your Giving Day are put in place by your Giving Day host and clearly defined on the Giving Day's FAQ page.

  • Fees incurred on donations through the year-round GiveGab product depend on the plan you're signed up for.  There are several premium plans available to use GiveGab outside of a Giving Day, but we will focus on our P2P Fundraising Suite. The P2P Fundraising Suite has fees of either 4%, or 2%, depending the level purchased.

As long as you only collect donations through your Giving Day campaign, you will experience the fees outlined in the FAQ page for the event and not those associated with the year-round platform.  

To make sure you’re sharing the right link to your Giving Day campaign, check out this support article

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