Notes provide a place to record additional, more detailed information about your supporters. This feature is available on the Boost plan!

The notes section has so many potential uses! You can use notes to keep track of your supporters’ participation and specify what they did to help your organization (for example, adopting a pet, or helping out at an event), or to record when you send out communications.

You can also use this space to write a longer, more detailed description of supporters’ interests, preferences, and activities within and outside the organization, and then acknowledge or refer to these details later when you interact with them.

In this way, notes can be a fantastic tool to help you connect with your supporters on a more personal level and foster long-term relationships!

For more information on how to add notes check out this article! 

This feature is part of one of our Premium Plans, Boost. if you would like more information on pricing or to sign up for Boost, you can book an appointment with our Nonprofit Engagement Team here! 

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