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Use the "Event Fundraising" Tab to Customize your Registration Information
Use the "Event Fundraising" Tab to Customize your Registration Information

Learn the best practices for customizing registration details for your event

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The "Event Registration" tab of your Event editor allows you to create a customizable registration fee for your event (a), select a start and end date for your event (b), open or close registration (c), and create customizable Registration Types (d) and Codes (e) for your participants. You can also include a Waiver that your registrants will sign to participate (f). If your event has any dangers or age restrictions associated with it, you might want to add a waiver. You will also have the option to add any additional documents (g) that provide your participants with other information they might need about the event! 

Let's look a little bit closer at each of these sections: 

a) Registration Fee

The "Registration Fee" box allows you to set a fee that registrants must pay in order to participate in your event. This box is optional, so if you wish for your event to be free you can leave this amount at $0.00. 

If you are hosting a 5K or Walk-a-thon in which there is an overhead cost for your organization to hire people to help out, you might set the registration fee at $25.00. 

If your event is a gala or dinner, your registration fee might be slightly higher ($50.00-$75.00) to cover the cost of dinner, drinks, or other types of entertainment. 

b) Start and End Date 

The Start and End Date boxes allow you to set a date for your event. If your event also has a start time, you will want to make note of this elsewhere on your profile, as in the story section of your event editor

c) Open/Close Registration

By clicking on this button, you will automatically open or close registration for your event. Be sure to return to this screen when you want donations to open or close so that you can reset these settings! 

d) Registration Types (Optional) 

The "Registration Types" section of your "Event Registration" tab allows you to create different types of registration for different registrants. For example, you might have one registration type called "Family" that allows you to register two adults and two children simultaneously. You might also have a registration type for "Individual" or "Couple." You can set varying price points for different registration types to control how much each registration type pays for their registration fee, as well as limit the total amount of registrants can select that type, in case you only have a certain amount of seats available for an event.

e) Registration Codes (Optional)

You can choose to enter registration codes if you wish to offer discounted registration fees for certain registrants. For example, you could create tiered registration codes for children, students, adults, and seniors using the registration code feature.  

f) Event Waiver (Optional) 

The option to add an Event Waiver will allow you to upload a waiver form if you wish your registrants to sign a waiver to participate. If you are hosting an event that requires physical exertion or comes associated with any kind of risk (for example, a 5K or Sky Diving Event) you might want your registrants to sign a waiver. 

g) Add Documents (Optional)

The option to Add Documents to your Event Registration form allows you to add any other documents you want to distribute to your registrants. For example, you might want to include documents that instruct your registrants on the best clothing to wear and supplies to bring. If you are hosting a 5K and want to make sure all of your registrants remember to bring sunscreen and water, the documents resource would be an excellent place to add this information for your registrants! 

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