On the Boost Plan, you are able to assign custom tags in order to group your supporters. Use them to highlight large donors that require extra attention or volunteers who you can call on at almost any time.

You can get creative with your supporter tagging, by adding a description of the supporter as the tag such as "High Volume Donor", "Active Volunteer" or "Board Member". You can also use tags to highlight supporter segments like "Giving Tuesday Donor" or "2016 Marathon Runner".

Utilizing support tags also gives you the ability to search for tags in your enhanced supporter profile and create more dynamic messaging when filtering by tag segment. By breaking down your communication by segment, you can create more engaging content that really speaks to your target audience as opposed to always messaging all of your supporters about every opportunity. 

Below you'll find an example of how you can search by tag right in your enhanced supporter profile on GiveGab:

For more information on how to use tags check out this article! 

This feature is part of one of our Premium Plans, Boost. if you would like more information on pricing or to sign up for Boost, you can book an appointment with our Nonprofit Engagement Team here! 

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