Peer-to-Peer fundraising allows your supporters to fundraise on behalf of your organization by creating a "mini-campaign" that champions for your cause.

Peer-to-Peer fundraisers will have their own personal fundraising page tied to your fundraising campaign, event, or Giving Day where they can set their own fundraising goal, share their personal story, and can easily manage their page on GiveGab so your best supporters can be your best fundraisers too!

The best part? Anyone can be a Peer-to-Peer fundraiser for you!

Your most passionate supporters make the best fundraisers! By sharing their connection to your cause with their network, your supporters can help your organization cast a wider net or outreach and optimize your fundraising goals. Reach out to your board members, volunteers, staff members, and top supporters to have them join you in furthering your mission and bettering your community! 

In our next section, we will go over some of the best practices for reaching out to fundraising champions.

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