Step 1: Navigate to Your Admin Dashboard

First, navigate to your Admin Dashboard. Click the “You” in the top right corner and click “Admin Dashboard” for your organization. If you are an admin of more than one organization make sure you click the one you'd like to navigate to.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Donations Table

From your Admin Dashboard, expand the "Fundraising" tab and click "Donations" to navigate to your donations table. 

Step 3. Review the Donors that Have "Yes" listed under the "Recurring Donation" column

Review the "Recurring Donation" column for any donors that have a "Yes".
If you have a lot of donors, you may want to download your list of donors and review the "Recurring Donations" column in Excel, Google Sheets, or another program that can read .CSV files. 

Step 4. Decide How You Will Contact the Donor

You have two options to contact the donor from your donations table. Please check out the suggested email content below Step 5.

  1. Click on the donor name within the "Donor" column highlighted in blue to email your donor through GiveGab (go to Step 5 for the next steps).
  2. Copy the email address from the "Email" column and reach out to the donor via your own email client.

Note: When you message your donor through GiveGab, GiveGab does not keep a record of the communication. However, when your donor responds, they will respond straight to your email address and the response will appear in your email client's inbox. 

Step 5. Contact the Donor through GiveGab

When you click on the donor name within the "Donor" column, you will be brought to their donor profile. Click on the green "Message" button to start your message.

A plain text message editor will pop up. Enter in a "Subject" and a "Message". Then, click "Send". You message was sent to your donor!

Suggested Email Content

Subject: A Thank You, and an Update



First, I want to thank you so much for the gift you made to [ORGANIZATION NAME] every month. Your gift helps us achieve so many important goals, including [PROJECTS OR PROGRAMS YOU WORK ON], and it means the world to [PEOPLE BENEFITTING FROM ORGANIZATION]. 

I'm reaching out today to inform you of a small change in your monthly gift. Starting on January 1, 2018, you may see a 2% increase in your monthly donation to [ORGANIZATION] due to a change from within our donation platform provider, GiveGab. 

We hope you continue your monthly donation to [ORGANIZATION]. Your gift each month is so much more than an amount to us. You directly help us achieve [YOUR MISSION]. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out, or to contact GiveGab at 

All my best,



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