Step 1: Navigate to your organization's Facebook page

Step 2: Hover over the call to action button on your Facebook page with your mouse

This will reveal a menu with options to edit your call to action button. If you have not previously changed your call to action button, it should say "Send Message".

Step 3: Select "Edit Button" from the options listed on the menu

A prompt will appear that will help walk you through the steps to editing your call to action button.

Step 4: From the prompt that appears, select the arrow to the right of "Shop with you or make a donation" to expand the menu.

Step 5: From the expanded menu, select "Donate."

Once you've chosen "Donate," click "Next."

Step 6: Click the option "Enter a website link."

This will allow you to enter a specific URL to connect your Facebook "Donate" button to.

Step 7: Enter the URL to your GiveGab profile or specific GiveGab campaign you'd like to connect your "Donate" button to

You can use the URL to your general GiveGab page, GiveGab campaign, or Giving Day profile!

Step 8: Once you've entered your GiveGab URL, save your changes!

Step 9: Click "Finish" to complete the set-up of your Facebook "Donate" button!

Step 10: Test your Donate button by clicking "Donate" on your organization's Facebook page

Your Facebook "Donate" button is now complete! 

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