Step 1: Navigate to your admin dashboard

Select "You" in the top right corner of your GiveGab page when logged in, and choose "Admin Dashboard" for the organization in the dropdown that appears.

Step 2: Navigate to the Campaign Editor

Select the Fundraising tab in the left navigator of your Admin Dashboard, then click the "Campaigns" section. From there select the "Edit" button beneath your desired campaign, and you'll be directed to the Campaign Editor.

Step 3: Select to collect addresses and phone numbers

Once in the Campaign Editor, you'll immediately land on the "General Info" tab. Scroll to the bottom and select the checkbox that says, "Collect Addresses and Phone Numbers from Donors."

Lastly, save your updated donation form. You'll see a confirmation bar at the top when your selection has been recorded.

Note: At GiveGab, we don't automatically collect this information because we find that it slows down the donation process and can deter donors from finalizing their contribution. Learn more about simple donation flows here.

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