Step 1: Navigate to Your Admin Dashboard

Click "You" on the top right corner of your page on GiveGab and from the drop down menu, select "Admin Dashboard" for the organization you'd like to access.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Fundraising Event ManagerĀ 

Select the "Fundraising Event" button in your Admin Dashboard to access the event, followed by the "Manage" option.

Step 3: Navigate to the Registrants Tab

Once in the Event Manager, you'll want to find the Registrants tab at the top - should be furthest on the right! Scroll down and select the "Message All Registrants" button to begin. Type your subject, a customized message, and send it off!

If your registrants respond to your email, don't fret! It will land right back in your inbox for you to be able to respond and have a great event šŸ˜Š

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