Step 1: Navigate to Your Admin Dashboard. 

Click the “You” in the top right corner and click the “Admin Dashboard” link for your organization. If you are an admin of more than one organization make sure you select the one with the event you want to work on.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Event Editor

From your Admin Dashboard, navigate to the "Fundraising" Tab and click on the "Events" link. From there, select the "Edit" button under the event you are looking to add registrants to.

Step 3: Add A Registrant Type

From your event editor, navigate to the "Event Fundraising" section from the left hand navigation. From there, click the “Add Registration Type” button.

After clicking “Add Registration Type” you’ll be able to add the name of the registration type, and update the registration fee for this type if there is a cost difference. Once you’ve added the name and optional cost click “Save

After you click “Save” you’ll be able to add additional registration types by clicking the “Add Registration Type” button again.

Step 4: Edit and Remove a Registration Type

If you'd like to edit or remove an existing registration type, click the icons highlighted below. The "X" button will remove the registration type, while the pencil icon will allow you to edit the type.

Step 5: View Your Registration Form


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