Step 1: Go to 

From click the "Register Now" button on the main landing page to begin the registration process.

Step 2: Search for Your Organization

After clicking the "Register Now" button you'll be prompted to search for your organization. Once you've entered your organization's name or EIN in the search bar, click the "Search" button below it. 

Unless your organization already has an account on GiveGab, the tech platform behind #weGiveCatholic, your organization won't be listed in the search results. If your organization is not listed, click "Add My Organization" to register.

If your organization is already listed in the results click the "Participate" button to be re-directed to your organization's GiveGab account to complete registration.

Step 3: Register Your Organization

After clicking the "Add My Organization" button you'll be directed to this registration form where you'll need to enter some basic information about your organization. This is also where you'll create your personal login to access and edit your organization's #weGiveCatholic profile. You can add additional administrators to your organization's account once you've registered. Once this section is complete click the "Save" button.

Step 4: Complete survey to finalize registration

After clicking "Save" you'll be directed to the final page before your registration for #weGiveCatholic is complete. Start by answering the three required registration questions:

  1. What category is your organization and its approximate size?
  2. What County do you serve?
  3. What is your organization's phone number?

Once the survey is complete you'll receive an email confirmation and automatically be redirected to your #weGiveCatholic dashboard on GiveGab where you can begin customizing your #weGiveCatholic profile. 

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