To update a credit card number you simply can go through the following steps: 

  1. Search for the donor in the upper right hand search field. 
  2.  Once the results return click on the name of the donor under the 'Name' column.
  3.  The next page will be a record of the transaction selected. At the bottom of this page you will see a section titled 'Associated Payment Schedules'. Within this section you should see a hyperlink under the 'Payment Plan' column. Click on that link. 
  4. You should now be on the 'Payment Schedules Details' page. The 'Credit Card Information' section will have an 'edit' button on the right. Once you click that you will be able to edit the credit card information for all future recurring payments on this schedule. 

To update the amount being charged you can simply click on the 'Update Ongoing Payment Amount' button on the left of the page. 

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