To add an optional calculated fee, link an optional calculated fee to a yes/no response on your form. When a user responds yes to the specified question, the additional percentage will be added to the total payment due.

Note: This feature only supports a calculated fee based on percentage. It does not apply to a fixed amount fee. 

Adding the actual Optional Calculated Fee:

To use this feature you must include a yes/no question to allow your donor to opt into the calculated fees on your form. If you do not already have a yes or no question on your form, you will need to add it before you can link the calculated fee. 

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Campaign > Form > Donation Levels page.
  2. In the Calculated Fee section, click Edit.
  3. In the Percentage field, specify the numeric percentage for the calculated fee. The feature to make the fee optional based on a yes or no question only supports a calculated fee based on percentage. Adding a fixed amount fee will make the fee required instead of optional.Note: Entering a value in either of these fields will automatically implement the Show Total option on the form display.
  4. In the Percentage Applied dropdown, select optionally based on question answer:.
  5. Select the question that applies to the fee from the list. If the donor selects Yes to the question, the fee is calculated and added to their total at checkout. The donor can see the total amount that will be charged by clicking Show Total on the form.
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