There have been many enhancements made to the GiveGab platform in recent months.  New features were implemented to help our valued users, like you, raise more funds and improve supporter engagement. 

Starting January 1, 2018, GiveGab is discontinuing the free Basic Legacy plan which carried a platform fee of 5%. This plan was available to all organizations that raised money on GiveGab prior to the release of the Launch and Engage plans in June, 2017.

If you wish to continue using GiveGab beyond 2017, you will need to upgrade to Launch or Engage, or otherwise be placed on our free Basic plan that carries an increased platform fee of 7% (plus credit card fees) and comes with limited features.  

The New GiveGab Plans

Our latest features are available to those who sign up for one of our new plans:


Cost:  $49/month + 4% platform fee

Allows you to go beyond fundraising with access to unlimited campaigns and events, peer-to-peer fundraising, campaign analytics, an embeddable donation button for your website, and more.  


Cost:  $199/month + 2% platform fee

The ultimate tool for those looking for modern fundraising, supporter engagement, and donor management all in one easy-to-use, robust, and secure platform.  You’ll get everything provided in our Launch plan, plus the use of our donor management system, the Engage Donor CRM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did GiveGab decide to make this change?

Since 2011, GiveGab has been learning about the challenges nonprofits face every day when it comes to fundraising, and have also learned how different every nonprofit is when it comes to their specific needs. We have been dedicated to building and delivering features that are requested by our nonprofits to make their lives easier since Day 1. 

By offering a tiered pricing plan, and one that includes a free plan, we give every nonprofit the ability to use GiveGab in the way they need to while providing enhanced fundraising features to the folks that wanted and requested them, without drastically increasing the price to those who just need the basics.

In addition, the fundraising platform fee and monthly plan costs allow us to continue to build, create, and deliver a modern, easy-to-use, and constantly evolving fundraising platform, based on the needs of you, our nonprofits. 

How will this affect participation in my Giving Day?

A Giving Day, or Day of Giving, is a 24-hour online fundraising challenge that aims to rally groups of people around a particular state/region, cause, holiday/event, or place of higher education. Check this list here to see if your Giving Day is hosted on GiveGab.

These changes to the GiveGab pricing plans do not affect any pricing or participation in a Giving Day, and only affects fundraising outside of the Giving Day. An organization on GiveGab may participate in as many Giving Days in which they are eligible for, and is not required to pay for a GiveGab fundraising plan to participate. 

The per donation fees, registration fees, and other associated costs to participating in a Giving Day are discussed and decided on by the organization hosting the Giving Day and GiveGab.

What is happening to the Basic Legacy plan?

The GiveGab Basic Legacy plan is being discontinued starting on January 1, 2018. Our nonprofits on the Basic Legacy plan (those organizations who have raised money prior to June of 2017) have two options to continue fundraising on GiveGab:

  1. Sign up for the Launch or Engage plan for reduced per donation fees and more fundraising features
  2. Be placed on the Basic plan with a 7% per donation fee and reduced fundraising features. This will be done automatically if you do not opt-in to Launch or Engage.

What features will no longer be available without signing up for a plan?

The following features were available on the free Basic Legacy plan previously and now require an upgraded plan:

  1. Unlimited fundraising and crowdfunding campaigns
  2. Fundraising events, allowing supporters to register to attend a 5K, Walkathon, Gala, and more!
  3. Peer-to-peer fundraising

What new features are available when signing up for a plan?

  1. Reduced per donation platform fees (2% or 4% vs. 7%)
  2. Customizable donation form for your website, allowing donors to give without leaving your website
  3. Suite of analytics & supporter data, including donation traffic and referral sources
  4. Ability to search and filter donation reports by name, email address, and campaign
  5. Premium support, with a guaranteed response time of two hours or less (M - F, 8 AM - 8P M)
  6. Engage Donor CRM (Engage only)
  7. MailChimp Integration (Engage only)

How can I learn more about the Launch or Engage Plans?

We'd love to chat with you about what your fundraising goals are, and how we can help you reach them with the GiveGab platform. Find a time that works for you here to chat with Kyle, or you can email her at!

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