Requirements for using PayPal and Venmo

In order to enable PayPal and Venmo for your Giving Day, your organization must have a PayPal Business Account and be able to provide the live Client ID for that account. PayPal and Venmo are currently only available as payment methods for Giving Days that are Centrally Routed. This means that donations to all organizations or funds are routed to a single bank account.

Because GiveGab does not have access to your organization's PayPal account, the Customer Success team is unable to provide in-depth troubleshooting for donation issues. Refunds for donations made via PayPal and Venmo will need to be processed directly by your team.

If using PayPal and Venmo as a payment method has not already been discussed with your Relationship Manager and Project Manager, please let your designated Project Manager know so they can begin this process.

Providing your Client ID to GiveGab

In order to enable PayPal and Venmo, your Project Manager will request the live Client ID from your PayPal Business Account. To learn how to access this information, view the instructions here. Pay special attention to Step 6 of the instructions to ensure that you are providing the Client ID for the live app (see screenshot below). Providing the Client ID for the Sandbox app will delay the process of enabling PayPal and Venmo.

Once you have the Client ID for the live PayPal app, provide it to your Project Manager via Basecamp.

  1. Log in to your PayPal Developer accounts application list by visiting:

  2. Click on the application that you had set up for your Giving Day.

  3. This will bring you to the API credentials (Client ID and secret) that you shared with GiveGab to get the integration working initially.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click the button labeled “Add Webhook

  5. In the input labeled “Webhook URL” type exactly as it appears.

Below this, you will see several different checkboxes. You will need to check the boxes next to the following:

  • Checkout order approved

  • Payment capture completed

  • Payment capture denied

  • Payment capture refunded

  • Payment capture reversed

Once you have checked all of the boxes listed above, click 'Save' and you will see a notification that confirms that you have successfully completed setting up your PayPal.

If you encounter any issues or have questions, please contact your designated Project Manager!

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